Who Are We?

Two millennials that were crazy enough to believe in themselves and build a seven-figure business.

Right after college, Jamison and Courtney started a waste-removal company. Within five years, they grew that business to over seven-figures in revenue. Shortly after they sold their business to a Fortune 200 $10 Billion dollar company.

The husband-and-wife team created their latest venture LegendVest to help budding entrepreneurs build their businesses with confidence, generate revenue, and win more customers. As experienced entrepreneurs, Jamison and Courtney know firsthand what it really takes to crush it in business and are radical about teaching others what they have learned along their journey.
Jamison and Courtney are both UCF graduates (go Knights!) and college sweethearts.
Check out Jamison Gavin's website here.
Check out Courtney Gavin's website here.

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