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5 Things To Do While Quarantined

Bored at home? Being quarantined is a necessary evil at this point as we all know. While we are hopeful that things are getting better, the future is still unknown and we don't know exactly when things will start opening back up.

But, there is a silver lining.

I saw on Twitter a few weeks ago and someone posted "the free time you've been asking for has arrived". While a hilarious statement, it is so, so true. The good news is that we essentially have unlimited free time right now and why not use it to our advantage?

Here at LegendVest, we've compiled a quick list of things to do to take your mind off the world. Let's get started!

1) Enroll in a digital course

I know what you're thinking. The last thing you probably want to do is spend money right now let alone learn something new. In case you didn't know, educational platforms like Udemy and Coursera have both FREE and PAID courses available. Even the paid options are a fraction of the cost of going to university. Oh and did we mention YouTube?

I am a self-learner so this tip works well for me. I've taught myself chess and sewing among many other random things for free and online. This is the perfect opportunity to work on yourself personally and even professionally. You can make it fun too, it doesn't have to be rocket science (unless you want to of course). Take this free to learn a new skill or hone your existing skills.

2) Read the book that you already have at home

Let's be honest, I admit I am one of those people who love buying books and adding to my library collection. I've always dreamed of a library like the one you may have seen in Beauty & The Beast. Now I have a long way to go, but what's the point of buying all these books and not actually reading them?

In the beginning of 2020, I told myself I am not buying another dog-gone book until I read at least 10 that are already on my shelf. Can anyone relate here? Go through your stack o' books at home. I can almost assure you there's a book somewhere in your house that you haven't read yet ;)

Read for fun, entertainment, or for personal growth. Personally, I usually enjoy books on psychology, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship. Currently reading "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell, he's one of my favorite authors (check out Outliers, too while you're at it). Admittedly, it's been sitting on my shelf for at least 3 years. To save money, 'cause we all know books aren't cheap, scavenge your home and look for that book that your mom bought you last Christmas or that one book you bought at Borders 10 years ago that you swore you needed. What better time to read than now?

3) Pick up a hobby

Before this mandatory shut-down, it had been way too long since I worked on any of my hobbies -- which shamelessly include playing the piano and painting. I figured since we are on lock-down, we may as well bring out the easel and pull out the sheet music. Boy have we gotten creative these past four weeks, add to that the amount of time we've been spending together all day, everyday.

Think about some of the things you used to do. What hobbies did you love doing when you were a kid? What's something you told yourself you would learn if you just had the extra time?

As a result of everything being placed on pause right now, this could be a great opportunity to dust off that guitar that's been in your closet for 5 years now or finally learn how to salsa dance on YouTube like you said you would. Just remember to have fun!

4) Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Whether you still have a job or are transitioning to a new career - this is a wonderful opportunity to update your resume as well as your LinkedIn profile. I believe many companies (practically all of them) will be pivoting as a result of the coronavirus. Hopefully this will open more doors to more careers in the future, especially work-from-home careers. It certainly doesn't hurt to position yourself to be a step ahead from everyone else.

Use this time to apply for jobs (yes, companies are still hiring). While you're at it, don't forget to update your LinkedIn. Sometimes we forget to do this if we've been on the job for several years. In a time like this where layoffs are happening and of course we never know who it will happen to - even the best of the best get let go - why not be ready by polishing up your resume. Be sure to add new skills and new experiences. Be sure to share articles and content on LinkedIn (it can be original or it can be someone else's).

Now we aren't career experts, but we know someone who is.

Perhaps you want someone to walk you through career advancement, executive presence, and a salary increase. Perhaps you want a custom, tailored approach designed just for you to achieve the job of your dreams. Yvette Gavin, a phenomenal career expert, has helped her clients not only land their dream job with confidence but often doubling or even tripling their salary. Yvette offers one-on-one coaching, online courses, books, free guides and so much more on her website Virtual coaching is available and you can setup a coaching call directly on her website. We've used her services firsthand and let me tell you - IT WORKS!

What's stopping you from greatness? Hint: it's not the coronavirus!

5) Start a blog and YouTube channel

Not another blog, please no more blogs! Haha just kidding. Frankly I believe we can never have too many blogs. We need people like you to share your story, your journey and your experiences. The beautiful thing about us humans is that we all have different stories to tell, so no blog will ever be the same!

I know blogging isn't for everyone, but this could be something to look into. Why not blog about your quarantine journey, day-by-day? What's your WFH situation? If you have kids, how are you handling homeschool and daily activities? What skills do you have that you can teach others how to do? Turn your passion into profit or your expertise into content.

"Use this time to add value to the community."

Who knows where this may lead. Many bloggers and YouTubers (as I am sure you know) have turned blogging/vlogging into a real legitimate business that can replace their income. Why can't that be you? Maybe you don't have to make money from it, but it can open doors down the line (i.e. freelancing maybe?) and most of all, it can be a fun hobby to keep you busy!

The world feels different right now, I get it. But the world is still your oyster. We can make the best of this unlimited free-time that we have right now. The biggest thing we want you to takeaway from this is to find a way to still have fun. You don't have to gain a new skill or start a business if you don't want to, but we do believe that we make the best of what we have.

Let us know what you've been up to below in the comments!

Stay safe,


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