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Whether you're the leader of your household, leader of your business, or leader of your team. We all have something that we can work on ourselves to be the best leader we can be. No matter if you're Jeff Bezos or Oprah.

A fast way to learn how well you are leading in your organization is to ask for feedback, here are some examples:

💥Ask individuals that report to you "what you're good at".

💥Ask individuals that report to you "what you need to improve on".

💥Ask those same individuals to give you an example of the things you are good at and the things you need to improve on so you know exactly where they are coming from.

Some may wonder why this exercise is important and it may even make you look....vulnerable. But the truth is, leadership is not about power and it's certainly not about 'looking good'. It's about serving your people. And if you're not serving your people, you're not an example of a great leader.

By asking directly for your people to give you feedback, shows that not only do you care about the service you are providing as their leader...but that you *also* care about the experience your people have when you lead them.

It's a humbling experience, because criticism can be an uncomfortable thing.

I challenge you...if you want to be a great leader. Ask for feedback from your team. You may be quite surprised to learn more about yourself and the things that your people care about.

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